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We specialize in all general dental aspects at Desert Willow Dental to provide comprehensive care under one roof.

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Dr. Russell Crane became interested in dentistry at a young age. His goal is to provide the necessary, comprehensive care that you need to ensure you reach your healthiest, most beautiful smile. He also believes in serving others, volunteering his dental skills in the community and on volunteer trips in outreach programs, and even being a part of the Boy Scout program. Let Dr. Crane help you achieve your best smile.

Russell Crane

Dr. Elizabeth Ewell believes in utilizing technology to enhance the aesthetic appearance of one’s smile. She absolutely enjoys changing peoples’ minds about going to the dentist by providing a phenomenal experience for each patient. She has helped thousands reclaim their confidence and will do the same for you by discussing all treatment options to help you make the best decision for your oral health and smile goals. See what Dr. Ewell can do to help your smile.

Elizabeth Ewell

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Today I had a very thorough dental exam by Dr. Crane. This is a very welcoming office with friendly staff members. I enjoyed my visit and had no cavities!

Debbie B.

I highly recommend services of Desert Willow Clinic. This dental office has a great service, and they are very friendly and will always make you feel welcome. They are all very professional and you will never feel uncomfortable here. The place is always clean and welcoming.

Daniel C.

I recently saw Dr. Russell Crane for a new crown. I have trouble every time I have to get a crown because I grind my teeth so they have to fit my bite perfectly or I have terrible pain. The crown that Dr. Crane did for me was perfect on the first try! I think this is the only time I have not had to come back in for an adjustment. He is very friendly and personable, but he is also a great dentist. I can't recommend him highly enough!

Rebecca W.

I felt in such capable hands here. The office was comfortable, Beautiful, and clean. They used all of the protection protocols. My teeth looked and felt very clean after my visit.


I was so nervous coming in; it had been 5 years since I last went to the dentist. It was so easy setting up an appointment though. I'm so bad with names, but the lady that did my x-rays was SO sweet and gentle. Hannah, my hygienist, was awesome! I left feeling clean and cavity-free. The whole thing took less than 2 hours between the exam and the cleaning itself!

Eve L.